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About me

Architecture, Cityscapes, aviation and drone photography.

I’m Martijn Kort (34) a Dutch photographer and airline captain.
Since 2016 I am a proud ambassador for ZEISS Netherlands and NiSi Filters.

In my fine-art images I try to create a symphony by playing with light and shadow.
Create tension in the image by adding and subtracting light, stepping one step away from reality as we see it. Capture time in a single image.

When I’m not working as an airline captain, I’m on the road taking pictures or editing my images so they fit into my minds eye.
I love the endless views from the rooftops, looking out over dense populated area’s. Modern architecture is something that I really enjoy to capture. Strong lines that combine well with the soft sky that I like to create.

From the cockpit the world seems to be a whole different place. The unique views we have from up there are something special that I try to share with the world trough my photography.

Recent Images

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