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I recieved the NiSi V5 pro filter holder last week and want to take you through the changes they have made with this new filter holder for the 100mm system.

NiSi V5 vs V5 Pro

The V5 pro builds ahead on the already very good V5 filter holder.
All the changes they have made, make the filter holder even better.

One of the things that was fantastic about the V5 was that the CPL could be inserted into the holder and could be rotated with the 2 small wheels on the side of the filter holder.
This was one of my favorite features . The only thing was, that the CPL was a bit tricky to install.
It screws into the adapter ring, but there wasn’t a lot of space for your fingers. Meaning that you were mostly touching the filter with your fingers, and thus it needed cleaning.

With the new V5 pro filter holder this is solved.
They have updated the design so that the place where you insert the CPL is raised a bit. Meaning there is more space for you to hold the filter on the side and screw it into the filter holder. This prevents touching the filter with your fingertips.

New sliders in the V5 pro


If you have read my review about the NiSi V5 filter system, it was hard to put the filters into the system because the screws were pretty tightly fastened. I needed a lot of pressure to insert my filters.

By loosening the screws a bit, it was easier to insert the filters into the system holder.

With the new V5 pro system this problem is also tackled.
The V5 pro features a left-to-right pressed clip system, meaning better protection to the filters and a smoother way to insert them.
And it really is way smoother. It feels more natural to insert the filters now than with the V5 filter holder.

It’s now possible to insert the filters when the holder is attached to the lens, without the danger to press the lens down.

An other thing I notice when comparing the 2 filter holders, is that the new V5 pro is a tiny bit wider.
Also giving a bit more space to the filters, and thus it’s easier to put them into the holder.

V5 pro on the left vs V5

Overal build quality

The V5 pro filter system is made of aviation grade aluminium.

When I took it out of the box it feeled more solid than the V5 system. They made an even more rugged system. All parts are CNC machine fabricated and black power coated to avoid corrosion, protect against unwanted light reflections and are made to last a lifetime.

NiSi V5 pro vs V5

The new V5 pro is a bit bigger than the V5 system.
It now fully encloses the filters, which is a good thing (more protection).

All the other good things about the original V5 system are still there.

It clips perfectly on the lens adapter, it’s still shipped with different step down rings so you can use it on all of your lenses and the leather pouch to carry it all is still included in the package for free.

The NiSi V5 pro system is available now from $ 178 / € 169 on Amazon or via your retailer.



If you still have some questions about the filter holder and how the filters will slide in, have a look at this post.
Here I will show you the biggest concerns: http://www.martijnkort-photography.com/nisi-v5-pro-video/




Update 2 feb ’17

Because the filters are now fully enclosed by the holder it is impossible to remove the first filter if you have 2 or more installed.
This can be a real problem when shooting near the coastline or when shooting sunset, where the light changes fast and you have to be quickly. When you need to change the ND and have a Grad ND installed, it’s not going to be an easy task.

Update 15 feb ’17

After using the new V5 Pro for a few days in Dubai I noticed some light leaks.
Further investigation shows that the filters (when stacked) and the foam on the filter don’t fully press onto each other.

With my holder there is a very tiny gap between the foam of the 2nd filter and the 1 filter. This is because of the distance of the spacers, where you insert the filters in.
This tiny bit of space lead to light leaks when the sun is on your side, shining straight onto the edges of your filters.
Simple solution is to put black tape on the top and bottom of the filters to prevent any light leaks from the holder.

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  • Roberto says:

    Hi, I’m interested into this filter’s holder and I read your post, after some others related to the first V5 verison.
    I’ve a question: what do you think about the new filter insertion regarding the easiness of substitution of a filter? The insertion via clip is ok, but when I have more than one filter on it and I want to remove the filter near to the camera, before I have to remove the other filter above,is it right?
    And is it possible to move up and down a GND filter to move in the correct place the middle transition?
    Thanks for your answers

    • Martijn says:

      Sorry your reply is below 🙂

    • Martijn says:

      Well other filters won’t break as quickly as glass but they will be damaged. It’s stuff you can’t let it slip out of your hands 🙂

      You won’t be disappointed by the 15 stops!

  • Martijn says:

    Hi Roberto,

    The filters slide in with ease now. Much better than on the regular V5. There is just a bit more room for them to slide so this is an improvement.

    The disadvantages of a bigger holder is indeed that you can’t slide the first filter out (if you are stacking) without removing, or at least sliding the filter in front a bit down. This isn’t ideal.
    But I have to say: when I stack I place the darkest ND to the llens and the lighter in front of it. So normally you will only have to remove the first one.
    It would be better if they had try to find a solution for this, that’s for sure.

    Regarding the grad ND, I didn’t had any problems yet with the placement of it. Both high and low horizons, I was still able to slide the grad ND up or down.

    • Roberto says:

      Hi Martijn,

      thank you for your response.
      I don’t understand how it could sliding the filter with a left-to-right insertion system. Maybe when someone will share a video review I will understand better how it works 🙂

      Thank you.

    • Martijn says:

      That is something that was unclear to me too.

      But basically it’s just the way the filters are kept in place. The ‘pressure’ points where the filters are clipped in the sliding mechanism.

      You still insert the filters the same way. They are just kept in place by a slightly different system.

      I’ll try to record a video this weekend!

    • Roberto says:

      The video could be a great thing 🙂 Maybe you will be the first to do that for the Pro Version! I didn’t find any video so far for this version of the holder.

  • KD says:

    Hi Mr. Kort,

    Thank you for your review. I’ve read that the NiSi filters are easily scratched. What’s your view on this?

  • Martijn.Kort says:

    Hi KD,

    So far I have no scratches on my filters.
    But keep in mind these are filters made of glass. So just like your sunglasses, if you go over them with something hard they scratch.
    Just keep the filters safe in a carrying pouch ( I can highly recommend the Filter Hive of Mindshift) and you will be ok. It’s not just with glass filters. I also own several filters made of Resin and they scratch too. I once dropped one, and now it has a lot of tiny scratches on the filter which mess up the photo’s.

    Don’t let a corner of your filter go over an other one and be careful, than you will be able to enjoy your filters for a long time!
    You’re also careful with your lens, right…

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Mr. Kort,

    Thank you for the quick and insightful response. I’m currently using the v5 Pro leather hard case and i still keep the filters in their paper wrappers. It’s cumbersome to take them out and put them back. The Filter Hive looks like a good alternative. Thanks for the suggestion!

    All the best.


  • Bill Gosma says:

    Thanks for creating and posting this review; I’m an amateur photographer just now moving from APS-C to Full Frame, therefore I am researching holders in the 100 mm size. This product, V5 pro looks to be about as good as it gets, nothing is perfect but I think I like NISI’s “improved” filter loading, I watched the video and it looks smooth and easy.

    I’ll likely purchase Singh Ray or maybe even try Lee’s Grad ND’s – good experience w/Singh Ray in the past. The NISI glass stuff I’m sure is great but one drop on the ground and it’s over…that is not for me. I’ll try the NISI 15 stop ND….used Haida in past and it was fine, slightly warm but OK.
    Thanks and Regards / Bill

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