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Skogafoss, Iceland

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Martijn Kort

Nice to meet you!

I’m Martijn Kort an Amsterdam based photographer, specialising in Architecture / Cityscape, Night photography, as well as  Aerial and aviation photography.
I capture the emotions of the scene over time, creating a single image that translates the feeling of a time frame rather than a single moment. By combining the best details of different times a single image transmits the emotion that we felt when standing there.

In my Architecture photography I strive to create clean compositions and focus on certain parts of the architecture that stand out. Giving a modern look to the architecture and showcasing it in the best possible way.

The technical journey of photography never ends. Always perfecting images and processes, both on location as during post processing with the goal to produce unique and clean images that stand out.
My images have been used in a wide variety of online and offline media and I continue to work with different clients, shaping and perfecting their brand identity.

Since 2016 I’m an ambassador for Zeiss Netherlands and Nisi filters.
Besides making new images and working for clients I also take the time to conduct workshops and write reviews to help fellow photographers. Most recently I was selected as a Hasselblad Masters finalist with my architecture photography.