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Using manual focus lenses can be scaring if you are just starting out with them.
These days we rely on auto focus all the time. But in the end it’s not that hard to use manual focus only.
We just need to understand how we have to work those manual focus lenses.

So how do we focus with manual focus lenses to obtain maximum sharpness.

Over at Lenspire from Zeiss, Lloyd Chambers takes an in-depth look at the challenges in obtaining peak sharpness, revolving primarily around focus, using ZEISS DSLR lenses.

It consists of 2 episodes:

Part 1 covers the challenges in obtaining peak sharpness, revolving primarily around focus.
Part 2 provides specific tips and techniques for focusing challenges.

By understanding how and why we need to rely on certain aspects of the camera body and lens, we can assure we achieve maximum sharpness in our photos.

Needless to say that when you are on a tripod, it’s really important that is remains steady.
Because you can do anything you want, but if you camera vibrates because of wind the images will be blurry.

Have a look at the 2 parts over at lensprire by ZEISS, the knowledge you gain from there can be put to practice with any body and lens.


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