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The Leica Q(2) is a very versatile camera that a lot of photographers have bought with street- or documentary photography in mind, or to use as a ‘bring everywhere’ camera for daily photography. Of course the Leica Q(2) is perfect for this, but it can be used for so much more! In this webinar, Martijn Kort will teach you how to create Fine-Art long exposure images by using filters. He uses filters by NiSi to be able to extend his shutter speed, to create exposures that can be minutes long. This creates beautiful ethereal images.

The filters also allow him to get the maximum out of the dynamic range of the camera sensor. The tips and tricks he gives can also be applied to other camera systems like the Leica M, Leica SL and Leica CL. “I hope to inspire you with this webinar to get the most out of your camera and to explore a genre of photography you may not have tried before.”

For more information on the ND filters I have used on the Leica Q2, check out my blogpost about my experiences.
Or if you want to learn more about how to use the filters you can read all about it in my article: How to take your first long exposures.


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Fine art photographer focusing on architecture and cityscapes as well as capturing unique moments from the cockpit. Writing about photography techniques and sharing reviews. Ambassador for both ZEISS Netherlands and Nisi Filters. If you like my work, consider following me on Instagram!

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