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When I edit my photo’s in Adobe Lightroom I use a lot of presets to speed up my workflow.
This starts during the import, where I will automatically apply lens corrections, add tags and so on. During the eding I use them to give my images a certain look and feel, to provide a steady base from which I edit my images in detail.

Lightroom presets can be very useful when you process your images.
This is both true for experienced users (who will most likely use their own custom presets) and for beginners (to who Lightroom has just too many options to start with). It is also a great help if you want the same look and feel throughout a series of photo’s.

A while ago I came across the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop presets and workflows of Sleeklens.
I had seen a youtube video of the presets in action once, but didn’t download the presets at that time.

Last month I was editing a lot of landscape photo’s and had a look at their website if there would be anything that suited me.


I downloaded the Trough the Woods Landscape bundle and gave them a try.

This bundle is usable with Adobe Lightroom 4 to 6 and CC. There is also a bundle for Photoshop, but for this kind of editing I like the speed and simplicity of Lightroom.

Inside the package you will find:

  • 51 presets
  • 30 brushes
  • Installation guide
  • A guide on how to layer/stack the presets for the best results
  • Acces to their private Lightroom help and tutorial Facebook page


The presets are made with a lot of input from landscape photographers to be sure they are good and useful. Nowadays there are a lot of presets to be found online, but there is a lot of junk out there to be honest.

These however are put together in a toughtfull way.

See these images come to life with the help of presets and brushes from Sleeklens.



After downloading the preset bundle you will have to install them in Lightroom.
If you are new to this, follow this link to see how to install the presets.
The brushes however are installed in a different way. See this link for the installation of the brushes.

There are all in one solutions included inside the preset bundle.
But I strongly advise not to use them, or at least to edit the images after you have applied the all in one preset. They are often pretty strong and give your images a funky look. They tend to look over edited.


The best way to use the presets is to go by them one by one.
Inside the Develop module in Lightroom you will find the presets listed in an perfect order.

  • 0-All In One
    As the name applies, with these you get a predifined look in which all aspects of the image are altered.
  • 1-Base
    Here you will find basic adjustments for tone, colour and contrast
  • 2-Exposure
    In step 2 you can adjust the exposure of your image. Adjusting the shadow and highlight range of the histogram.
  • 3-Color
    Adjust the color and/or color saturation of your image in the reds, greens, blues and yellows.
  • 4-Tone/Tint
    Apply a soft split toning to your image to further enhance the colour of your image.
  • 5-Polish
    Add or remove clarity and contrast and sharpen the image
  • 6-Vignette
    Multiple options to add a vignette to your image as a final step.

By layering these steps and to combine them with gradient and brush adjustments you can quickly edit your images.


The brush adjustments are a great way to further enhance the image.
They can be used as a brush and they can be used with the gradient tools.

The brush adjustments are also categorised, so you can easily find the one you are looking for.

  • Basics
    Contrast and clarity adjustments
  • Color
    Cool down, warm up, desaturate or colorize the image
  • Effects
    Add clarity to water or clouds
  • Haze
    Add a golden, neutral or rose haze for the images that need it
  • Light
    Alter the highlights, shadows or overal brightness of the image or even add a bit of golden sunlight.


When you are in need for a fast edit or when you are just starting to use Lightroom, this is a perfect way to edit your pictures.

If you want to have more control over the adjustments and where they are placed, I recomment to use both the presets and the local adjustment tools. The brushes have a wide selection on adjustments available and the presets can also be used with the gradient tools to give you maximum control over the image.

Personally I love to use the adjustments with the brush tool. Setting a low flow on the brush and gently brushing the adjustment in. Adding a bit of extra sunshine in your landscapes (or portraits!) and enhancing the foliage are just a few examples of what is possible.

I can write a whole book on how to edit your images, but I’d rather just show you some examples of SOOC and edited images with the Trough the Woods preset bundle.


Edited with Trough the Woods presets



Cool it down and autumn colours used here.



BW conversion and cool it down.



Added a bit of sunlight to the left with a gradient adjustment.



SOOC – On a cloudy day just before the leaves would turn full yellow.


Edited with the presets and brushes.



I really like the way they have put the presets together and that you have a wide variety of brushes available.

The guidance on how to install and how to stack/use the presets and brushes comes in very handy if you are new to editing your images with Lightroom presets.

The all in one presets are nice, but I would recommend to build up the image with the seperate presets and local adjustments. This way you have maximum control on how the preset enhances your image.
In my opinion this bundle is very complete and you can truly enhance your images in just a few steps (clicks) without the need of understanding Lightroom in-depth.
I would definitely recommend any of the presets of Sleeklens.
The Trough the Woods workflow is available for $39 (USD)

By following this link you will find all the Lightroom presets they have available: https://sleeklens.com/product/landscape-lightroom-presets and https://sleeklens.com/product-category/lightroom-presets
They also provide photo editing services. This might come in handy if you need to do a lot of editing in a short amount of time. More information can be found here: https://sleeklens.com/product/professional-photo-editing-service

Download the Lightroom starter pack for free!

Get 10 brushes and 30 presets for free from Sleeklens.
Click here to download the free bundle.



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