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Lightroom presets: Fix the Photo - Majestic Landscapes. Are they helping you in one-click photo edits?

Lightroom Presets are a fantastic way of editing your photo’s if you haven’t got a lot of experience in photo editing or when you want to speed things up and get a cohesive look and feel throughout your images. The last one is especially important for Instagram. A nice and cohesive grid is all we want, right?!

Fix the Photo has several Lightroom preset bundles available and I tested out the Majestic Landscapes preset bundle. Does it live up to the expectations of a $ 29 preset bundle? Are they good enough so you can really use them throughout your portfolio on instagram? Let’s find out!

What is a good Lightroom preset bundle?

One-click photo edits in Lightroom.

A good Lightroom Preset is able to help you with a one-click photo edit. Ideal for the photographers who are new to Lightroom photo editing or to the photographers who want to learn how they got to a certain style and who will tweak the presets from this base point.

Remember one thing! A good base photo is always required for the preset to look good. A well exposed image will work well with any preset. Don’t think that a good preset will make a bad image a great one. It can get better for sure, but get a proper exposed starting point.

Does the preset live up to the expectations.

You have chosen a certain preset pack because of the style. It is important that the pack is delivering on that point. Are there enough side steps from the main style or does it offer a bunch of styles. This is key to wether or not you should pay for a preset pack or not.

We probably want to use the images for instagram or other social media. A cohesive look and feel throughout your images is important so your followers know what they can expect from you. Presets will help you to stick to a certain style throughout your images.

Can we work with the presets or not?

I’ve seen many presets for both Lightroom and Photoshop, both local and global adjustments. It is important that the presets are not too heavily styled or apply too much contrast for instance. For me it is important that I can easily tweak the presets to my liking. Sometimes they are not made well and you can’t really follow what they did to get to a certain style if you are not a Lightroom guru.

In that case it’s hard to fine tune your images. So I’d rather have a pack that is giving you a great starting point from which you can add your final adjustments yourself.

Fix the Photo - The company

Fix the Photo is around sinds 2003 and offers different services. I’ve known them from their photo editing services, as I was looking for a company that could deliver fast and good. In the end I did it all myself but I’ve always kept them in mind.
Apart from doing photo edits for costumers they have also released several presets for Lightroom and all kinds of add-ons for Photoshop.

As fall is approaching fast here in the Northern hemisphere, I wanted to have a look at their Landscape preset pack, which I’ve gotten from them for the purpose of this review.

As always, you can be assured that I will give my honest and personal feedback on the products that I review.

Majestic Landscapes

Let the images do the talking

There are 30 different styles and options in this preset pack. Applicable to different times of day from sunrise to sunset and both high and low contrast scenes. With this pack you can soften the image, give it some extra punch or apply a really nice style to it. As I will show you, they won't only work with landscapes but you can use them with your cityscapes as well.

Original file

Straight out of camera.
Taken with the Zeiss Milvus 2/135 during a windy day.

Landscape Greenery

This style fits a lot of images. It lifts the shadows and gives the image a faded look which is still popular. It enhances clarity and shifts the colours to the blue/green side with a hint of orange. I think this works remarkably well to images with yellow and greens in it.

Landscape Soft Cold green

A warm preset that wil shift the yellow and greens towards the orange/magenta side of the pallet. It also lifts the shadows to get that faded look.
I would have expected a more of a green outcome as the name would suggest, but I still like the style of this preset.

Original file

Straight out of camera.
A long exposure of the I Amsterdam sign in Amsterdam. Not treated at all, so a dreadful image 😉

Landscape Soft Cold green

A warm preset that wil shift the yellow and greens towards the orange/magenta side of the pallet. It also lifts the shadows to get that faded look.
As you can see it is also very usable for cityscape/urban shots.

Landscape Breeze

A preset that is giving you a good base for a solid grungy style. It can be used in urban environments as well as on dark or high contrast landscape shots which feature mountains. The shadows are crushed and the colours are shifted. Personally I would further tweak this image for a real grungy look.

As with all styles of photography it’s all a matter of taste.
I could definitely work with a lot of these presets and further tweak them to my liking or to fit into my grid on instagram.
It is all about the ease of use and they do provide me with a solid base image. Most presets are towards the warmer tones which we find everywhere on instagram these days. So if you are looking for this style, you could definitely work with these presets!

Original file

Landscape Breeze

Original file

Landscape Autumn


Landscape HDR Light



Are they worth it?

For $29 you get 30 presets which can be used in various situations (and you get 70 free black and white presets as well). Most of them enhance the warm tones present in the image, which is very popular at the moment to give an extra punch to your early autumn shots. They are one-click edits, which can be fine-tuned to your liking. If you are new into photo editing or if you really like this style I think the presets are right for you. You can see how they work and learn from there how to make your own later on.
You will for sure get a signature style to your photos with the Majestic Landscapes preset bundle.


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