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Protecting your neutral density filters is quite important. They are expensive and mostly they are made of glass or resin (can break easily) and they all need protection against scratches.

Most filter brands give you some sort of protection case when you buy their filters and some don’t give any protection except for the soft covers the filters come in.I have tried a few filter protection cases but they all lack something.

I kept searching for the best option to carry my filters with me.
One of the big problems with the filter pouches is where you leave them, when you are changing your filters. Mostly they lay somewhere on the ground and are difficult to operate with one hand. Putting them on the ground can be quite risky when you are on a cliff or standing on wet rocks for instance.
So my ideal filter pouch would be one that solves those problems.

At first lets have a look at some recent products that I used to carry my filters in.

Formatt Hitech


The one I once ordered from Fortmatt Hightech was a folding protective cover. You could fit 6 filters inside.
The big problem was that the cover was soft and thin and the inside was leaving marks behind on the filters, meaning I needed to clean the filters every time I wanted to use them and there was no protection against bending or water.
Putting filters in or taking them out with one hand is difficult, so it lacks the usability that I’m looking for.


With my NiSi filters I got a hard leather case which provided good protection against bending and scratching.
You can fit 5 filters inside it and it accepts filters till 150mm.
The big disadvantage is that it’s heavy and bulky and it doesn’t protect your filters against the weather. And if your other filters are slightly thicker than the filters of Nisi, you can’t insert them.


Mindshift Filter Hive



The MindShift filter hive has solved these problems.
It accepts  6 rectangle filters up to 150mm  and there is a sperarte part for 6 circular filters up to 82mm.
Even then, there is still enough space to carry your filter holder, lens cloth and other small items inside the Filter Hive.
Your filters are protected by a durable weather proof coating, 100D rip-stop, 210D velocity nylon and the YKK® zipper against dust, sand and water. The color coding on the soft lining between the filters helps you keeping them organised.
The lightly padded outside will protect your filters when you accidentally drop them.


All filters neatly organised and protected against scratches by the Nylex interior. You can take the inside out of the outer shell to safe some extra space inside your backpack.

You can carry the Filter Hive on your belt, attach it to your backpack and you can hang it on your tripod.

Especially that last thing is something I really like. You can hang the hive on your tripod when changing filters and you can use both of your hands. When you are standing on a cliff, in the water or in a crowded area for example, you can leave the filters on the tripod. This means your filters are safe and have 2 hands available to change your filters.
So finally I’m able to safely change filters where ever I’m standing!

The MindShift Filter Hive is also a great companion to the  MindShift rotation 180 deg. Professional Backpack.
You can attach it to the waist belt, meaning you have easy access to the filters.



In the end the Mindshift filter hyve provides a lot of protection to your filters and adds some extra features (like being able to attach it to your tripod and backpack) that make this something that you really want to use.
At the moment it’s the only filter organiser I’m using and I’m loving it. One bag that carries all, so I won’t forget anything at home and I can safely and easily change filters on my lens.

To sum it all up:


  • Weather proof filter pouch
  • Protection against falling damage
  • A lot of space for your filters and extra’s
  • Soft interior to protect your filters against scratches
  • Color coded for easy organising
  • Takes both rectangle and circular filters
  • Can attach it to your belt, backpack or tripod
  • Can take the interior out, to save some space


  • A bit bulky



Do you think it’s too big for you? Try the MindShift Filter Nest , it’s smaller and has the same features.
It holds 8 round filters of maximum 82mm and costs  € 49,99.


The MindShift Filter Hive is available from € 54,95 .

Here is a short video from MindShift Gear about their Filter Hive.


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