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Review of the new Nisi V6

NiSi V6 filter kit.

Released on March 12

Today, March 12 2019, NiSi announces the new V6 filter kit. It's an upgrade to the V5 pro and is available from today!

Tested and tried!

I was able to test and try the new NiSi V6 before product launch. I've had it with me on my architecture shoots and to Lofoten (Norway) to shoot the iconic landscapes. Read all about it in this review!

Introducing the new NiSi V6

Today on March 12 2019 NiSi will release their latest filter kit, the V6.
The V6 builds upon the already great design of the V5 pro, which is loved by many of us. But what could be done better? What did NiSi came up with for the V6?

More than a month ago I’ve received the final version of the V6 so I could test it and see if all the improvements were noticeable in the field.
Because I had quite some time to see the differences and work with the new NiSi V6 I am able to give you a complete review of the new filter kit.

Changes in the NiSi V6

 Comparing the New V6 to the NiSi V5 pro


The new V6 has a slimmer design, making it easier to put your filters in.


By slimming down the filter kit the weight has dropped

Ease of use

It’s easier to use the CPL with the new design.


The design of the NiSi V6 has changed over the V5 pro.
They have slimmed it down, making it easier to adjust and insert your ND filters. Compared to the NiSi V5 Pro, the filter kit is also a tiny bit less thick.
NiSi has really evolved their filter kit over the years. Listening to photographers and their needs.
I still have the V4 for instance, when you see that one you now think.. wow… was that good back in the days?
Then the V5 came, which was a really big step forward both in design and ease of use. The V5 pro refined some parts of the V5 making it a really great holder.

Now we have the V6 which evolves the V5 pro on a few areas.
One thing that NiSi did very well is that all previous adapter rings are also compatible with the new V6!


Sometimes it took some fiddling around to insert the CPL into the adapter ring.
The best way to do it is to place the CPL on top of the ring, turn it counter-clockwise and then when it snugs into place, secure it turning it clockwise.
But sometimes it still took some time to get it in.

Now on the V6, they have removed the outer ring which was placed close to where the CPL was inserted. This prevented you from being able to grab the CPL on the side. Without this extra ring the complete CPL placement is way easier. I would still use the technique I have described above, but when you need to remove it you can just grab it on the side and turn it out.

For the rest the functionality of the CPL and how you turn it are unchanged.
Just insert the CPL into the adapter ring which you screw onto your lens and turn the CPL (even with the ND filters attached to the ring) with the small turning wheels on the side of your adapter ring.

nisi v6 vs v5 pro
On the V5 pro we had this standing edge on the adapter ring to protect the CPL, which wasn’t really needed.
With the NiSi V6 they have removed this extra ring so the bulbous part where the CPL is inserted to, is easier to reach and makes it way easier to insert and remove the CPL.
CPL turning wheel.

Reviewing the new NiSi V6 Filter kit and comparing it to the V5 pro, one of the first things that you notice is how they have slimmed down the design.
It looks more sleek. The corners are cut off and the top and bottom are a straight line again instead of the curved lines we saw on the V5 pro.

The new V6 looks and feels lighter.


Locking pin

New on the V6 is the locking pin.
Hated by some and loved by others, personally I’m happy with an extra way of securing the filter holder to the adapter ring. The conventional pull to release lock was sufficient and kept the holder in place. But I had one occasion where I was changing my composition and walked with the complete kit on my lens. I accidentally knocked the adapter off and one of the glass filters broke (was a new one which I had used only 2 times).
With this extra locking pin (screw in to lock and out to release) you have an extra added security to prevent these kind of accidents to happen.
If you don’t like it, just don’t use it but I’m happy with it.

Nisi v6 vs v5 pro
New locking pin. Just screw it into place against the adapter ring and the filter holder is secure.
Cut off corners for better acces to your filters and reducing the weight of the filter holder.
Regular locking pin (pull to release).
CPL turning wheel.


By changing the design and slimming down the filter kit, NiSi was able to cut down on the weight as well. The new NiSi V6 filter kit only weighs 121 gram with the 82mm ring attached.

Every gram you can save in your bag is worth it in my opinion.

  • V5 Alpha                 141 grams
  • V5 Pro                     145 grams
  • V6                             121 grams

Ease of use

During my time with the V6 filter kit I’ve noticed a few things that make life just a bit easier.
As said above, the insertion of the CPL into the adapter ring is better. The cut off corners help in pushing a filter out or moving the ND gradient filters up and down. Further more the extra locking pin is a nice addition to the new V6.
These are all small changes but you will notice them in the field.

Getting better and better


What is included in the NiSi V6 kit

  • New NiSi V6 filter holder
  • 82mm adapter ring with CPL holder
  • 77, 72, 67mm step down rings
  • NiSi Landscape CPL
  • Soft carrying case
Review of the new Nisi V6
NiSi V6 review

Extra options

NiSi V6 Lens Cap


As an extra option the Nisi V6 Lens Cap is available.
Whit this you can protect the CPL and your lens front element when the filter holder isn’t attached to the adapter ring. This way you can just leave the adapter ring on the lens so you are immediately ready to go.

Lange sluitertijd fotografie workshops

NiSi Filter Pouch PLUS

A second extra is the new NiSi Filter pouch PLUS.
It stores up to 9 filters (4 x 100 mm filters and 5 x 150 mm filters), it’s lightweight and can be attached to your tripod legs. With the extra sling strap attached it can also be used as a sholder bag, messenger bag or waist bag.

It’s a great way to transport your filters and keep them safe.

nisi filter pouch plus review


After using the new NiSi V6 Filter holder for over a month before it’s public release I can say that NiSi did a good job in perfecting the whole system. The small changes and updates they have done, including going back to cut off corners like we had on the V4 system, makes the new V6 a joy to work with and it’s a further refinement of an already great system. Every improvement they make is worth it.

I personally also like it that the V6 comes in a soft pouch instead of a leather box.
The box looked good but personally I rather have a soft pouch that is easier to put away in a backpack. It can also be attached to a tripod leg, just like with the Filter Pouch ( 4 filters) and the Filter Pouch PLUS ( 9 filters).

The small adjustments that have been made on the adapter ring where the CPL is mounted make it way easier to put the CPL in and take it out again.
I’ve heard some people complaining about this on the V5 but if you use the correct way to put the CPL in it should be an easy job with the V5 Pro as well. But as said, with the V6 they have addressed this and changed the design to make it easier.

I don’t see any issues with the V6.
One thing that could be improved with the next update is the way we insert the step down rings, because that can be a pain. I really hope some clever engineer will find a solution to that and then we would have the perfect system in my opinion.


Should you upgrade?
Or if you are new to NiSi what should you get?

This is of course the big question for all existing and future NiSi users. Should you upgrade or stay with what you have and if you are planning on buying a NiSi System should you refrain from buying the V5 alpha or V5 pro?

If you have the money to spend, I’d upgrade. The small improvements they have made are noticeable in the field.
For me the cut off corners are a big deal. It’s way easier to get the first filter out if you need to, and this is something that could be useful when shooting during changing light.

If you are new to the NiSi System and you buy the Filter holder separate from your filters, I’d get the V6 unless you could get a good deal on the V5 pro.
I mean that is still a great Filter system!
When you are about to purchase a filter set like the ones we offer in the Benelux (Starter and Landscape set) I’d definitely go for the set like it is.
They come with either the V5 Alpha or V5 pro and like I said before the V5 (pro) is a very good system and you could always upgrade later to the V6 if you want to.
All previous models adapter rings are compatible with the new V6 filter system so upgrading is always possible!

In the end I’m really happy how the V6 turned out and it’s a joy to use!


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