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Macro Focusing Rail

"The brand new NiSi Macro Focusing Rail is designed for those who require precision adjustments of camera and lens positions when shooting macro and close up photography.The team has produced a high-quality CNC machined aluminum design that not only looks great but performs and functions with the finest of precision."

It is the perfect companion to the Nisi Close-up Filter (which is available in a 77mm kit and new is the 58mm kit)

Key Features

  • 180mm rail length
  • 160mm adjustment range
  • Detachable foot nails allow it to be used directly on a table
  • Collapsable thumb screw know for easy adjustments and storage
  • Long quick release plate for stability of telephoto lenses.

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Nisi macro focusing rail overview

When precise focus is required with macro photography, you can’t do without a focusing rail. Nailing the focus and finding your perfect framing will be so much easier with a rail, you only have to move the camera front or back on the sliding rail.

The Rail is arca Swiss compatible and can be mounted to your tripod.


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