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NiSi introduces the new V7 100mm filter holder with a True Color CPL.

NiSi unveils its latest 100mm filter holder, the V7.

The V7 allows easy use of up to three 100mm filters along with an integrated and newly designed True Color circular polarizing filter (CPL). The kit has no vignetting up to 15mm with wide-angle lenses at full-frame.

The V7 is made of aviation-grade aluminum, fabricated by CNC, and has a matte black matte finish on the surface to minimize reflections.
The V7 kit comes complete with the 100mm filter holder, an ‘ultra-slim’ True Color CPL, four adapter rings to allow the kit to be used on different lenses (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm), a lens cap, and a storage pouch.

nisi v7 filter holder system


The new CPL features a unique design that allows the CPL filter to be rotated independently with the filters still in place via a gear on the back of the filter holder.

The new True Color CPL prevents the yellow tinge and extra saturation introduced with many CPLs, and uses a proprietary NiSi Pro Nano Coating to reduce unwanted reflections and apply a water and oil resistant coating to help remove unwanted fingerprints, dust and water spots.

The new True Color CPL may be a godsend for many people. With the V6’s Landscape CPL, additional saturation of colors also occurs at maximum polarization. This is especially desirable in forests and landscapes. But there are also situations where you would rather avoid this, think of architecture for example. The new True Color CPL was developed especially for Nisi and is thus unique on the market. It gives, even at maximum polarization, 100% true colors. There is no additional saturation.

NiSi’s new ‘Point to Point’ CPL design allows for easier guided installation of the CPL into the 82mm main adapter. By aligning the white markings on the CPL with the white markings on the main adapter and turning slightly, the CPL can be held in place and removed with little effort. As far as I’m concerned, a huge improvement!

V7 Holder

With the V7 holder, a number of innovations can be found in addition to the familiar good features that the V6 already contained.

After the filter holder is placed on the adapter ring, the pull-and-release pin of the filter holder provides a reliable connection, allowing the holder to be rotated 360°. To further secure the position of the filter holder, it is equipped with a locking device that can be activated by turning a wheel around the release pin, preventing the filter holder from rotating. This is where the design has been changed in particular, for the benefit of ease of use.

A unique clip system grips only along the edges of the filter, avoiding contact with the surface. Filters are easy to place and contact with the main surfaces of a filter is avoided, especially when using graduated filters.

The V7 kit also includes a lens cap that protects the CPL while mounted on a lens and a padded holder for safe storage and transportation in your camera bag.

The V7 is available now and costs € 229.99

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