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NiSi Benelux Filter sets

€ 449,99
€ 249,99

NiSi Benelux Landscape & Introduction set

As of today there are 2 new NiSi Benelux filter sets available which are developed with the ambassadors over the last few months.

The Landscape set is co developed by me, giving you the base kit for all your landscape needs. I’m also very proud that my shot of Kirkjufell is on the cover of the packaging. With this kit you will have all the filters you need for smooth moving clouds and water, reduce the glare with the pro CPL and combat the sunset with my favourite medium grad ND. This kit is what I use for 90% of my photo’s. Don’t be fooled by the name of the kit, it can be used in a wide variety of situations. You are ready to shoot architecture, landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes with this kit.

The second kit which has been developed is the Introduction set.
This filter kit gives you a budget friendly option to start building your kit from the ground up. The medium grad ND filter will help you to even out the exposure of the sky and the foreground. This will help you to take your photos to the next level.

NiSi Benelux Landscape set

Take your photos to the next level with this 100mm filter set. Capture moving clouds, flowing water and even out the exposure between the sky and the foreground. The only limitation is your imagination.

Over the last few months me and the other ambassadors have been working together with NiSi Benelux to give you a filter set with the filters we use on a daily basis. With the Landscape filter set you have the filters that I use on 90% of my photos (architecture, landscapes & cityscapes). I’m sure you will take your photos to the next level with this kit.

Why NiSi Filters?

The filters are made of optical glass (Scott Glass) making them extremely clear without any colour shifting, the ideal partner for todays high resolution camera’s. The nano coating keeps your filters free of any moisture or dirt and because of the low reflections of the filter you won’t have any problem when shooting straight into the sun.
Furthermore the filters and holder are protected against light leaks, which is very important with long exposure photography. When you want to use the CPL, just screw it into the holder and turn it around even with the filters attached to the lens.

You can see my complete review about the V5 pro here.

What's inside the box
  • NiSi Glass 100x100mm IR ND 1000 (10 stops)
  • NiSi Glass 100x150mm Medium GND8 (3 stops)
  • NiSi V5 Pro filter holder with 82mm ring
  • 77, 72, 67mm adapter rings
  • NiSi Pro CPL (polariser)
  • NiSi leather storage box for the V5 Pro holder and 8 filters
  • NiSi cleaning cloth
  • NiSi booklet with tips
Use it for
  • Landscapes
  • Sunsets & Sunrise
  • Waterscapes
  • Cityscapes
  • Architecture

Normally the total price of the contents is € 586,99
The NiSi Benelux Landscape set is available at € 449,99 

NiSi Benelux Introduction set

A perfect starter set if you are just beginning to use filters. This 100mm system will grow with you.

What's inside the box
  • V5 Alpha filter holder with 82mm adapter ring
  • 77, 72, 67mm adapter rings
  • NiSi 100x150mm Nano Multicoated Medium GND8 (3 stops)
  • NiSi filter pouch
  • NiSi cleaning cloth
  • NiSi filter guide

The NiSi Benelux introduction set is the perfect set for you if you are starting out with the use of filters. With the help of the Medium GND filter you will be able to balance the exposure between the bright sky and the darker foreground. This will help you in getting better images when you are out shooting the sunset or magnificent skies filled with puffy clouds.

The set is inclusive the new NiSi V5 Alpha filter holder, which is almost equal to the V5 Pro. The only thing missing is the insertion option for the Pro or Landscape CPL. But if you want to upgrade at a later stadium, you can just get the V5 pro 82mm adapter ring and you’re set.

Normally the total price of the contents is € 319,99
The NiSi Benelux Introduction set is available at € 249,99 

Meer informatie


If you are looking for more information on the filters or the all new NiSi Benelux filter sets, you can have a look at the NiSi Benelux webpage

When you want more information on Long Exposure photography, I have a great tutorial on this right here.


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