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Start creating Fine-Art

Fine-art editing can be difficult to learn without the right guidance. I’ve been working on my technique for the last 6 years and simplified the workflow I’m using. Creating meaningful art is never a fast process but when you learn the basics you can create anything you envision.
My images have been awarded several times over the last few years. Leading me into the finals of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters and winning the title architecture photographer of the year at the OneEyeland awards.

Start learning the technique from someone who really knows how the fine details work.

New dates coming for fall 2020!                        New dates coming for fall 2020!                        New dates coming for fall 2020!                        

What you will learn:

Fine-Art post processing workshop

Getting the image ready for post processing in B&W. You can do this in any program, but I always like to start in Lightroom.

When moving to Photoshop you clean up the image and get the base layer ready for editing.

Selections are the basis for making selective adjustments to separate volumes and to create depth in the image.

You will learn how to make hard selections using various tools. We will also use Alpha masking to get very precise selections in tricky areas.

Urban Symmetry, Rotterdam 2019

Before we start making adjustments and start creating depth in the image we must first identify all the different volumes in the image.

After this we will make a simple draw up of what we want to achieve in the image. This will help you later on during the editing.

By adding and subtracting light  you can add depth to the image and guide the viewer through the image.

You will learn how to use different tools to achieve the look that you are after. How can you add and remove contrast to certain areas so the subject will stand out even more.

Fine-Art B&W editing workshop

During this 2 hour session you will be working along with me on the same image. This way you will learn the techniques right away by practising them. We will cover the complete basis as laid out above. It will give you a solid base to work from and it will set you up to start creating real Art.

What you will get

RAW image of the Amsterdam Eye building. We will process this image together. The session will be recorded, which you are able to download later on so you can watch it again at any time.

What you need

You will need a working version of Photoshop as we are using that to create our image. Lightroom is not required. A basic understanding of Photoshop is sufficient to follow along. I will show you how everything is done so don't worry about not knowing something.