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The Camera Strap

Something we use everyday.

The camera strap, I have a love/hate realtion with it.
When hanging over an edge to get your shot, you have to wrap it around your arm or it will hang in front of your camera. When taking long exposures with the camera on the tripod, it acts as a wind vane and it will introduce movement to the camera which will result in unsharp images.
On the other hand, when moving around with all your gear, it’s a welcome help. Just swing it over your sholder and take the camera with you.
But the standard Nikon and Canon straps just won't cut it.

Peak Design Camera Slide

Something that is always on our camera.
Just became better.

Peak Design did a great job in manufacturing a very versatile camera strap.
You can use it 3 ways:
- Sling strap
- Neck strap
- Shoulder strap

It's easy to adjust and to remove from your camera.

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First question is off course why?
You get a camera strap with the camera you bought right?

Well to be honest, those are crap. They look terrible and most important they scream the brand and often (at least on the Nikon) even the camera type.
So you are walking in a busy city and everyone can see that you have an expensive camera, also the people that would rob you.

Second thing is that for a lot of reasons I’d like the strap to be removed from the camera. Think about long exposures, where the camerastrap acts like a wind vane introducing vibrations to your camera. Or what about when you are on a tower and want to photograph down? It will swing right in front of your lens.
But on the other hand, it’s a great thing to have it on the camera when you walk with the camera, or when you have 2 with you (portraits, weddings).

So in the ideal situation you would be able to have it on your camera and it should be easy to remove and it shouldn’t shout out “hey I’m an expensive camera”.

Peak Design Slide

The Peak Desing Sling camera strap is standard available in black.
The summit edition is also available in blue and red. I’m keen on design and personally I think the summit editions looks sexy.

It’s very easy to attach and remove the strap to the camera with the slide locks. An other neat feature is that if you happen to have the field pouch, you can use the strap to carry that one too!

For me this is the ideal solution. When I have my camera mounted on a tripod, I’ll take off the strap and when on the move I attach it back to the camera body. It can also act as a safety line when photographing from rooftops. I attach one side to the camera and the other end it attached to a railing for instance.

An other neat feature of the strap is that the length can be adjusted with one hand. You can use it in different ways. Carry it on one shoulder, accross your body or around your neck.

Design and Specs

The strap is made with care and it feels very solid.
The padding in the middle of the slide is good and well placed.

  • Maximum Length: 145cm/57in
  • Minimum Length: 99cm/39in<
  • Weight: 171g/6oz
  • Width: 45mm/1.8in
  • Dyneema anchor links can carry up to 200lbs/90kg

It’s easy to adjust the length of the slide, single handed.

In use

I have been using the strap for a few months now. Carried it all over the globe and love it!
The way you can attatch and remove the strap with one hand makes it so easy and safes me all the hassle. No more trying to wrap the strap around your tripod because it will act as a wind vane.
An other feature that I love is the fact that it’s so easy to adjust. You can carry your camera accross your body and just seconds later you transform it to a short strap, ready for action.
It would be good if the padding would be a bit more flexible. The rubber grip stripes are on the other side, but (mine at least) doesn’t bend that well the other way around.

Attaching the anchors was easy and I like that you have the option to attach one to the Arca-Swiss plate as well. That way you have a better camera position when you carry it across your body.

Wearing the Sling is a pleasure. It doesn’t cut into your neck and the padded part does a great job of distributing the weight.
The design is just great and when you have the same issues with camera straps as I have, I can highly recommend the Peak Design Summit edition.

What I like

  • Easy to remove and attach to the camera
  • Anchor links can be placed as you like
  • One handed length adjustment of the strap
  • Arca-Swill plate connector
  • Soft material
  • Wear comfort
  • Can be used on different camera’s
  • Design

What I don’t like that much

  • Padding is a bit too stiff (makes it harder to put away in a bag)
  • Metal adjustment buckle could scratch equipment

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