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NiSi Filter Kits

We have different kits available for different systems. Please check that you get the right system for your lens.

Nisi M75

This filter kit is suited for the smaller lenses like on the Leica Q2, Micro 4 thirds and such. Here are 75mm square filters used, making it a really compact and lightweight filter kit.

The Nisi M75 filter kits are to be used on lenses with a filter threat from 40.5mm to 67mm. 
Make sure you order the correct step down ring as well.

Nisi 100mm system – V5 / V6

The 100 mm system uses 100mm square filters. This is the most common system for all DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. The system can be used on lenses with a filter threat of 67mm to 82mm. With the Nisi 100mm kits all the step down rings are provided, making it a very complete kit.

Nisi S5 system

The S5 system makes use of 150mm square filters and is specially made for lenses that have a bulb front element. With this system there are custom made filter adapters available for a wide range of different lenses.

The S5 is also suitable for any lenses with a filter diameter of 82/95/105mm.


Need help?

Just ask for help via the chat option and we will be happy to provide you with the needed assistance. For helping you to get your perfect kit, to providing help on which filter to get for which kind of situation. Just ask!