A'DAM tower

The A'DAM Tower is an eighty-meter high tower on the IJ bank in Amsterdam-North. The tower was designed in 1966 by Dutch architect Arthur Staal on behalf of Royal Shell. As such, the building was better known to many Amsterdamers as "Shell Tower." In 2016, the tower was renamed A'DAM Tower after a two-year renovation.
It hosts a hotel, private club, restaurant MOON, LOOKOUT a swing on the roof and much more.

The most unique location in Amsterdam

From taking a unique picture during the opening of the A'DAM tower to a long term relationship. I've been working with the A'DAM tower since the opening. Capturing every single angle and unique views of this amazing hotspot in Amsterdam.

The tower is home to unique opportunities for its visitors. From having a dinner with a stunning view, getting a thrill while on Europes highest swing, to a unique VR gaming experience.


Gigapixel panoramas

We have made Gigapixel panoramas for the digital binoculars to give the visitors the possibility to zoom into the city. With the unmatched zoom levels that we have created, visitors can see every detail from the city.