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I’ve been to the Salt mines in Sal various times and was able to get some nice photographs from the location.
But it wasn’t until I took my drone with me before I was really happy with the images from this location.

From above the patterns and colours look like if you where on Mars!
When looking straight down it’s really an amazing sight. Thanks to todays technology I’m able to capture these kind of images.

It’s a tough job though, working in the salt mine.
When the temperatures get in their mid 20’s and the sun is shining at full power, the temperatures just above the salt layer go up. This combined with the heavy physical work that they have to do, it’s almost inhumane to work there. But they do this for over 185 years already.

If you are on Sal, you should really visit this location just north of Santa Maria or go to the Pedra de Lune Salt Crater.


The island was discovered on December 3, 1460 and named Llana until salt deposits were found at the end of the 18th century in Pedra de Lume. In the early years, slaves grazed parts of the island, in the 17th century, free settlers took salt. Sal is geologically the oldest island in Cape Verde, formed 50 million years ago during the eruption of a volcano which is now inactive.

Salt activity did not begin until 1800. Sal at the time was the least populated island in Cape Verde, and once had around the same population as Santa Luzia. Santa Maria was founded on the south of the island in 1835 by Manuel António Martins who became governor and had the town become the island’s capital. During this time the salt industry thrived, with 30,000 tons of salt being exported in the early years. Most of the salt was exported to Brazil until its nationalization in 1887, Portuguese and French salt investors resumed salt production until 1984. Three lighthouses were constructed near the island’s hazardous points in the 1880s.



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