Shapes of Light

Solo Exhibit

VondelCS - Amsterdam

Solo Exhibition

20 September till 9 October from 9:30 - 18:00 hr

My first solo exhibition

“Shapes of Light” is my first solo exhibition where I will display 20 prints which reflect my passion for fine-art & black and white photography.
I will display fine-art architecture, fine-art landscape photography and you will find some several smaller prints of my portfolio.

Not only making the photo, but the whole process is something I’m passionate about.
Planning the shot is the start of a complete journey towards a Fine Art print.
Visualising the final product is the most important step. When the conditions are right I head out to make the photo, next there are countless of hours in post production to bring my vision to life. Adding and subtracting light, giving presence to a subject, all to guide the eye trough the photo or to reveal details that would otherwise be overlooked. Trying to force you to see the object in a different way.

Then in the final stage comes the art of printing and framing the final Fine Art print. Showcasing it in the way I think Fine Art prints should be seen.

– Printed on archival paper (fine art cotton paper)
– Printed with archival ink
– Custom made matte
– Framed in a black frame with the right dimensions in relation to the print

I hope you enjoy the selection of prints that are on display.
They are not only on display but also for sale. All prints come with a certificate and are authenticated using the blockchain technology.

About “Shapes of Light”

All objects we see are shaped by light. When the light changes so does the way we see things. Different light can make us see different shapes in the same object or landscape.
By using light in combination with long exposures I want to let you see the world around us in a different way. By focusing on certain shapes which are formed by light I want you to look closer. To see what I see when I look around me.

All of my images have a clean, serene look. The absence of distractions makes it easier to really see the subject.

If you visit the exhibition please share a story or photo with the hashtag below
and get a chance of winning one of my prints!


Prints on Display

Fine Art Landscapes

Both colour and black and white landscapes.

Fine Art Architecture

Cityscape and Architecture how I see it.

Cityscape and Architecture

Printed in full colour.


The entrance of the Exhibition is up via the stairs and keep left to the back.



Vondelpark 3
1077 AA Amsterdam

Artist Statement

Creating an ethereal atmosphere and isolating the subject by the use of long exposure techniques has always been the main focus in my photography. This enables me to produce a depth and presence in the objects that would otherwise be impossible, and create imagery based on my inner vision. I am not documenting the scene as-is, but rather stepping away from reality and sharing my interpretation of the subject so that you will look with a different eye to your surroundings.

It is the clean shapes and lines of modern architecture that I am driven to the most, and my preferred method of showcasing these elements is by stripping away color and producing black and white imagery. By doing so, I am enabled to focus on light and shadow, which I then use to shape the object. Finally, toning the imagery in blue adds the modern touch of personality that you see in the final result.

Falling in love with this style of photography about 6 years ago has allowed me ample time to hone this technique to my vision and expression. This is a style that is ever evolving, and while I’m extremely proud of the images I produce today, I too will likely evolve. It is, after all, my goal to continue to grow as an artist and push the bounds of my skill.

All images are printed on museum quality paper using archival inks and printing methods. While my imagery may be modern, my print presentation remains classic. All steps in this process are handled by me from capture to the final framed art piece. What you see in my works is truly a personal product from start to finish and you can have comfort in knowing that it has been created with one goal in mind… to be enjoyed for a lifetime.