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NiSi Close-up Lens NC Kit

The NiSi Close-up Lens NC Kit contains a very high quality APO chromatic Close-up filter and is available in 77mm 58mm filter thread.
Specially designed for use on telephoto (zoom) lenses. With a 200mm lens a magnification of almost 1:1 true size is possible, and this with a very wide working distance of between 22 and 30cm.
This professional Close-Up filter maintains image sharpness and minimizes the occurrence of lens errors. NiSi’s Close-Up Lens NC is made of a double optical correction lens part with an apochromatic design and a NiSi Muti Nano coating to give advanced resolution and a natural color with almost no purple/green edges, both within the sharpness range and in the background bokeh. This result is of course strongly dependent on the image quality of the lens. A telephoto zoom or telephoto lens with APO or ED glass is therefore recommended.
The NiSi Close-up Lens NC 77mm kit comes with a pouch and two 77-72 and 77-67mm threaded washers.
The NiSi Close-up Lens NC 58mm kit comes with a pouch and two washers of 49-58 mm and 55-58 mm thread.

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