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NiSi Filters webshop.

Beyond imagination.

Nisi 100mm System

Use this system on all lenses with a filter thread from 67 to 82 mm.

Nisi M75 System

Use this system for all lenses with a filter thread from 39mm to 67mm.

Nisi S5 / S6  System

Use this system on all lenses that require special filters.

Lenses and Macro photography

The all new Nisi 15mm ultra wide angle! Special filters like the Nisi Close-Up filter and Macro rail.

Do More
With your Leica.

The Nisi M75 system is perfect for getting more from the Leica Q2.

Learn how to take Long Exposure photos.

Start creating

Whatever it is that you are photographing, filters can most certainly help you to get better shots. Start getting creative with your photography!
The most used filter is a Gradient ND filter, which enables you to balance the licht between the foreground and sky. An ND filter will help you to lengthen your exposure time for creative results. If you want to enter the macro world but don't want to buy an expensive macro lens, the Nisi close up filter is your new friend. With this filter it is possible to change a standard zoom lens into a macro lens with almost a 1:1 ratio at 200mm.

Quality filters

Nisi filters are made of very high quality optical glass. Which means there is no loss in sharpness or color shifts.

Nano Coating

The IR nano coating makes it easy to remove any dirt on the filter and it helps to reduce any unwanted flares.