Martijn Kort, born in 1983, is a Dutch international awarded photographer and ZEISS Netherlands ambassador.
Always drawn to the beauty of light and shadow he picked up photography seriously in 2014. Acquiring the needed gear to transfer his vision into photographs.
In his fine art photography he likes to step away from reality. This is mainly done by using long exposures and selective contrasts.
Since 2016 Martijn is an ambassador for ZEISS Netherlands and NiSi Filters
His pictures are published by various magazines and images can be seen in a wide variety of online publications.

ZEISS is one of the world’s leading optical companies and a trendsetter when it comes to high quality camera lenses. Architectural photographer Martijn Kort is ZEISS ambassador and knows how to appreciate the quality and durability of ZEISS lenses. In his architecture and cityscape photography he is always looking for lines. The creative options the lenses offer him by using manual focus have a great influence on his photography.

“Stepping away from reality by using long exposure techniques and focussing on certain parts of the image by using selective contrast adjustments is something I like to put in my photography. Really trying to find the soul of the place or object.”


Hasselblad Masters 2018
Finalist in Architecture category

Monochrome Awards 2016
All 3 entered images received a Honorable Mention

International Photography Awards 2016
4 Honorable mentions, category Fine art Architecture
Erasmus bridge – Series
Standing Strong

ND Awards 2016
Honorable mentions for my series “From light to darkness
Architecture – Buildings

Honorable mentions for my series “Dubai
Architecture – Cityscapes

Photo Press Award

PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2016
honorable mention, category fine art architecture

ZEISS Netherlands brand ambassador

Black and white, editors choice award – fine art architecture

International Photography Awards 2015
honorable mention, category fine art other

Monochrome Awards 2015
2 honorable mentions, category fine art architecture

Publications / Interviews

National Geographic Daily Dozen
Hand picked top photographs by the editors of Nat Geo.

National Geographic Daily Dozen
Hand picked top photographs by the editors of Nat Geo.

Monopix Architecture
14 page special about my photography

Best of Architecture coffee table book

We Inspire 13
Cover photo

We Inspire 12

We Inspire 11

We Inspire 10

What It’s Like Capturing the World from a Cockpit at 38,000 feet
published by PetaPixel

16 Incredible pictures of what the world looks like from 38,000 feet
published by The Express Tribune (NY-Times)

Being published matters 2
Cover photo

24/7 Black and White volume 1
Cover photo
Camerapixo photography book

24/7 Black and White volume 2
Cover photo
Camerapixo photography book

Hot Shots – UAE Landscapers
Camerapixo photography book

Capturing the World
published by Light Academy

Interview about photography
published by PicFair


Sony A7RII
DJI Mavic Pro

ZEISS Milvus 21mm f2.8
ZEISS Milvus 135mm f2.0 APO
ZEISS Milvus 35mm f2.0
Samyang 12mm f2.8 fish eye

Redged TSC 427K Travel Tripod Carbon
Redged bullhead
Benro B0 ballhead

Falcon Eyes reflector 80cm white/silver

Trigger trap remote

NiSi Filters
ND filters in 6 – 10 – 20 stops
1.2 soft Grad ND
NiSi Horizon filter
NiSi Night filter
V5 Pro filter kit
V5 filter holder + CPL
NiSi DJI Mavic Pro ND filter set

Formatt Hightec Firecrest filters
3 and 10 stops, Grad ND 0.9 + 1.2
Formatt Hightec aluminium filter holder
Kenko N3000 (10 stops) filter
Circular Polarizer

Peak design Messenger bag
Peak design field pouch
Peak design Camera Sling