There is a lot going on about the newly released MacBooks by Apple.
They lack innovation and they seem to ignore the creative power users, which once were their core buyers of the MacBook Pro.

I’m, just like the majority of photographers, confused about what Apple just released. Their MacBook Pro line was embraced by the creative users because of the very good software (the OS and how it works with other apps) and the fact that all ports were there. You didn’t needed anything else. Just plug it in and it works. When you are in the field and what to backup your shots, just put it in the SD card reader and off you go.

Now things are different.
‘Think different’, right?!


Starting off with the new touch bar.

Will this change up or speed up my workflow? I’m not sure. If I can program all my custom keyboard shortcuts in photoshop to it and if I can have control over when they appear, depending on the selected too I use at that moment, then this could be a time safer. But time will tell and Adobe needs to program it in a useful way into their programs.

I can live with the fact that I need a dongle to connect my external hard drive with  a thunderbolt/USB-C connection to my USB port on my iMac.
But I’m really annoyed about the fact that Apple has removed the SD card reader.
Sure a lot of camera’s feature wifi. But transferring large files over wifi can be a time consuming and battery draining task.
So when I have a wifi enabled body, I’ll need even more batteries to be able to backup my work. Or again, use a dongle to connect my extra SD card reader.

Traveling light is the key when you are on the road.
Well the weight that Apple took off their MacBook Pro line will be doubled with all the extra gear that is needed to connect anything to the machine.


That the machine can only take 16 gb of RAM is ok for me. I’m not doing any 3D rendering on my laptop so as a photographer I guess we can life with that.

Windows just released their surface studio and surface book / Pro line.
Directly aimed at the once hardcore Apple users, namely the creative professionals. The products look amazing and to be honest I was about to throw out all my Apple equipment, except for my iPhone.  But the problem for me is that the products won’t be available to me soon. Europe isn’t in the first part of the world where they will be released and further more the specs of the entry level surface studio aren’t top notch. But still I’m definitely going to try them!

There are only 2 things keeping me at Apple.

The first is that I said goodbye to windows about 10 years ago. I started to hate the way the OS works more and more. When temporary out of memory, applications tend to crash. The look and feel since windows 8 isn’t something that I can relate to.
My wife was still using windows so I saw the trouble building up like it used to do all those years. So Windows may make a killer machine, I still hate their operating system. 

The second reason is that I want a display that uses as much of the color space as possible. Asus has a few good ones, but then again I don’t like windows.
The new MacBook Pro was introduced with ..% brighter ..% more color. When I saw this I was certain that Apple was loosing professionals.
% of what? Come on Apple just tell us what the coverage of what color space is. Don’t come with those crappy percentages!


Digging deeper, I saw that the current Retina display shows 125% of srgb.
Now we are back into the numbers that we know! If they had just told everybody that in the first place……
They made the retina screen even better and they are back at the top of the competition once again.

So in the end the new Retina display together with macOS made me order a new MacBook Pro with the specs I want.
Is it too expensive? Yes, partly. But I ordered a minimum SSD and will replace it later myself and/or buy an external HDD with wifi and a SD card slot in it.
Are there good alternatives? Hell yeah, hardware wise.
But in the end I want a machine on which I can rely and that can do the tasks I throw at it with ease.
And for me, that isn’t a Windows machine but an Apple – MacBook Pro.



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